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  • Black-Spanish-Radish-web

    Recipe: Black Mash-Up

    This recipe features a new ingredient for me this week from the market… which makes me super excited! Black radishes may not be anything you have ever seen before, and if you have, you may have just breezed by them (as they are not the prettiest of all the root

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  • Rockin’ Fall: October 3rd

    Fall is here. It is dark and cold when we wake up to start setting up the market. But that’s ok, we are ROCKIN’ it! Join us for our first date in October and help us keep rockin’ through Fall… Live Music | 11 – 1 Leap The Dips is

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  • Assembly-Coffee

    Recipe: Coffee Conditioner (or how to Shower with Assembly Coffee)

    “Showering” with Assembly Coffee… well not with Julia and Thomas, but with their coffee… absolutely! I had read somewhere that putting coffee in your conditioner could add shine to your hair. Heck yeah, why not try it, right?! Especially when we have the best coffee in town right here at

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