• Olsen Farm

    Olsen Farm Products: Seasonal foraged foods: chaga and morel mushrooms, ramps, fiddle heads; Edibles: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, ground cherries, apples, greens, squash, garlic, herbs, honey; Farm crafts: rope baskets, painted garden stones, chicken saddles, potted succulents, Olsen Farm shirts. Location: Lanesboro, MA Details: Chris Wheeler’s great grandparents started farming this land in the

  • Amrita Lash Pottery

    Amrita Lash Pottery Products: Functional pottery. Location: Williamstown, MA Details: Amrita Lash infuses her work with care, integrity, beauty and a sense of the natural world. She strives to make work that will enrich your life through having beautiful objects to connect with. The clay body is stoneware with added manganese and the

  • Square Roots Farm

    Square Roots Farm Products: Chicken, pork, beef, duck, eggs, some veggies, some mushrooms, sheep skin, lard soap, possibly honey in the Fall. Location: Lanesborough, MA Details: Michael Gallagher and Ashley Amsden began operating Square Roots Farm in 2010. Their lives intersected during an apprenticeship at Maple Wind Farm in Vermont. Michael was gleaning

  • Ali Herrmann

    Ali Herrmann Products: Original artworks: encaustics, oil, acrylics; handmade jewlery: upcycled/repurposed image transfer domino wearables, sterling and stone jewlery; repurposed bottle cap/sheet metal jewelry. Location: Lenox, MA Details: Ali’s work is heavily influenced by the growth and decay cycles of nature. Within her paintings, she references plants and pods amidst a combination of

  • Things That Work

    Things That Work Products: Naturally derived home and body care, handspun yarn and wool products. Location: Pittsfield, MA Details: Things That Work started as one of those projects to eliminate toxins from her home in 2012. She started by making her own detergent and cleaners that were free of controversial chemicals and provided

  • Soasa

    Soasa Products: Artisan and production jewelry. A line of silver, brass, gold-filled and gemstone jewelry and a line of fun, inspirational charm jewelry. Location: Pittsfield, MA Details: Artist Robin Marie Sills says: My work is light and airy, with sparkling, colorful stones and playful designs. Soasa, my artisan line, is the product of

  • Fabric & Flower Fancies

    Fabric & Flower Fancies Products: Fabric: Reusable market totes, upcycled aprons and gift bags, quilts, etc Flowers: notecards, matted prints and framed flower prints. Location: Dalton, MA Details: Anne Geary is a lover of flowers and fabric! Creator of beautiful useful items. I have been sewing since 2nd grade and I still love

  • White Goose Gardens

    White Goose Gardens & Holiday Brook Farm Products: Vegetables, maple syrup, yarn and wool products. Location: Dalton, MA Details: White Goose Gardens is an organic garden based at Holiday Brook Farm. HBF is a third generation farm with 1300 acres of forest and farmland. Follow them on Facebook!

  • Milltown Beadworks

    Milltown Beadworks Products: Handmade beaded jewelry and accessories Location: Adams, MA Details: Milltown Beadworks is the custom made jewelry of Renee Speyer. Each piece is one of a kind. She works with natural stones and other materials that catch the eye. Follow them on Facebook!

  • Galleria Cecilia

    Galleria Cecilia Products: Watercolors, charcoal drawings, oil paintings, printed tile coasters. Location: Valatie, NY Details: Cecilia has been an artist all of her life. After taking a six year soul searching journey through an education in visual fine arts she was able to accomplish a lifelong dream. Learning many techniques along the way

  • Inner Vision Studio

    Inner Vision Studio Products: Laminated placemats, decorative glass cutting boards, small framed decorative artwork and more. Location: West Stockbridge, MA Details: A prolific watercolor painter and photographer, Karen J. Andrews uses each medium to enhance the beauty and aliveness of what she sees. She sometimes combines art techniques in unusual ways to express