• Shire Kitchen

    Shire Kitchen Products: Tempeh (ground and marinated), Seitan (ground and marinated), prepared foods such as hot sesame noodles, BBQ tempeh and Seitan skewers, vegetable sushi, tofu scramble, polenta cake and more. Location: Pittsfield, MA Details:  We are a new manufacturing and catering business. We are 100% plant based and offer products such

  • The Farm and Garden Program

    The Farm and Garden Program Products: Healthy, seasonal products (smoothies, goat cheese, mint tea, apple butter, etc). Location: Pittsfield, MA Details: We are The Farm and Garden Program, an after school program run at Pittsfield High School by Berkshire Botanical Garden and the 21st Century Program. In this program, we learn how to

  • Cricket Creek Farm

    Cricket Creek Farm Products: Farmstead artisanal cheese and butter, grass-fed beef, whey-fed pork, bread, baked goods, grilled cheese sandwiches. Location: Williamstown, MA Details: Cricket Creek Farm is a grass-based dairy farm. Their primary activity is raising dairy cows and are licensed to sell raw milk. The rest of their milk they make into