Competitor Jesse Hunter: Farm to Glass Throwdown

Come out to our Farm to Glass Throwdown (for one heck of a party) and support local farmers, growers, makers and shakers, all to benefit the Downtown Pittsfield Farmers Market!

I’m Jesse Hunter of The Dream Away Lodge. It’s great to be a part of the ever-flowing Berkshire cocktail scene. I love experimenting with flavors and I really love to drink. I am also a local landscaper- constantly influenced by abundant seasonal vegetation, and when I step away from the solitude of tending to the plants, I’ve grown to enjoy meeting all sorts of characters through providing their libations. My personal favorite cocktail is an Aviation. At the farmers market, I like to buy baked goods and carrots mostly. I take big bites out of them before I get to my car because I lack self control…

Will competitor Jesse Hunter use one of his favorite farmers market finds- CARROTS – in his cocktail? Come and see for yourself. Get your tickets NOW!