Competitor Zoe Doucette: Farm to Glass Throwdown

Come out to our Farm to Glass Throwdown (for one heck of a party) and support local farmers, growers, makers and shakers, all to benefit the Downtown Pittsfield Farmers Market!

Competitor Zoe Doucette is an artist and her cocktail craft is no different… It WILL BE a work of art! Get your tickets NOW!

Vermont-native Zoë Doucette, of Mezze, was raised in the Berkshires and has come back home to raise her own kids. When she isn’t tending bar, Doucette is creating art and music, keeping house, or adventuring with her 2 boys and husband. Her preferred sipper is a simply made Vodka Collins. When they aren’t signed up for a CSA, Doucette’s favorite farmer’s market score is a glistening golden jar of local honey, or any leafy green!