Judge Billy Keane: Farm to Glass Throwdown

Photo credit: Bill Wright

Come out to our Farm to Glass Throwdown (for one heck of a party) and support local farmers, growers, makers and shakers, all to benefit the Downtown Pittsfield Farmers Market!

Will judge Billy Keane cast his vote with a poem or a song? Come find out! Get your tickets NOW!

Billy Keane is a Musician, a Husband, and a Realtor in eager support of those first two endeavors. He is an imbiber of fine drink, relatively speaking, and many moons ago Billy was a deep sea diver, a bar tender and a t-shirt printer (consecutively but not at the same time). Many hats wears he, many has he worn, but life is short, so don your cap and trudge forward into the wind. Because it’s the trudging the counts, or so he’s heard. Fighting life’s battles arm in arm, Billy and his glorious wife Waterfall triumphantly wave the flags and colors of new marriage, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g, permanently, thankfully. Billy’s tastes, passions, preferences and opinions are varied, diverse, dynamic. But let us speak in terms more relevant to the occasion; that is, in terms of booze. When it comes to wine, he likes it sparkling, crisp, and plentiful. If Scotch, a 16 year Lagavulin. Mmmm…yes, that’d be just fine. Bourbon? Sure, he’d like that also, to speak generally. If beer, he’d like another, please, and keep ‘em coming, dear barkeep.