Green Meads Farm Herbals

Screen shot 2016-04-12 at 10.29.59 AMGreen Meads Farm Herbals

Products: Herbal medicine, herbal body products, succulents, fresh herbs and small floral bouquets.
Location: Richmond, MA
Details: Jen Morse says: “Green Meads Farm was established by my husband Jeff Morse’s grandparents, Darwin and Kate Morse in 1926 as a dairy farm. In the 1950′s the dairy barns were converted to horse barns and a successful Morgan horse farm began operating and continues to do so with the expert knowledge of my husband, Jeff. When I moved onto the farm 20 years ago, I instantly began growing anything that I could; flowers, vegetables and herbs. I soon took notice that so many of the perennials in my garden also had healing or medicinal capacities, such as Ladies Mantle, Black Cohosh and the Comfrey that was virtually taking over everything. With so much pasture and forest around me, I soon began to wildcraft herbs and flowers as well. I found an abundance of Plaintain and St. Johns Wort. I began to produce and sell various healing salves made from the herbs around me. The salves were a hit amongst my friends and soon word spread and I was in business.”
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