Things That Work

things that workThings That Work

Products: Naturally derived home and body care, handspun yarn and wool products.
Location: Pittsfield, MA
Details: Things That Work started as one of those projects to eliminate toxins from her home in 2012. She started by making her own detergent and cleaners that were free of controversial chemicals and provided better everyday options for her home like Fluoride Free Toothpaste, Non-aerosol Hairspray and Aluminum Free Deodorant. In 2014, this developed into a business helping others in her local community discover the benefits of using natural based alternatives, paired with a passion to keep business in the Berkshires. In this, she strives to source ingredients & packaging locally, and often shares the word about hidden gems that make up Berkshire small business, farm and artisan communities. She is frequently spotted at local Farmer’s Markets and craft shows demonstrating the art of spinning and the different fibers she works with, while educating people about what makes Things That Work different. In 2015, Things That Work expanded to include Home Arts as Harvest Yarns and Fiber. This page has featured hand spun yarn from sheep/goats/dog/rabbit/alpaca/llama, and also offers raw and processed fiber, spindles, seasonal rag rugs, wreaths, knit markers and ornaments.
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