Uprising Farm

Uprising FarmUprising Farm

Products: Herbs, flowers, berries, eggs, duck eggs and vegetables (including ramps, morels, fiddleheads, rhubarb, onions, green onions, leeks, a variety of herbs, horseradish, snap peas, leaf lettuces, cucumbers, kale, chard, carrots, beets, radishes, turnips, garlic scapes, garlic, shitakes, oyster mushrooms, sunchokes, artichokes, cardoons, celery, collards, cabbage, tat soi, pac, choi, broccoli, beans, nasturtiums, summer squash, tomatoes, hot peppers, brussel sprouts, amaranth, winter squash and potatoes).
Location: East Nassau, NY
Details: A small organic farm near the confluence of the Kinderhook and Wyomanock rivers, Uprising Farm is a collective of family and friends growing and distributing food to the greater community since 2009. They are committed to sustainable growing practices and use no chemical fertilizer, herbicide, or pesticide. They use only organic seed and feed and work to provide healthy food at an affordable price to their community.
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